Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Poncho - s/t ep (2015) - A brief overview.

Holy smokes.  We don't see many bands coming out of the Hawaiian woodwork, but this combo barrels out of the Aloha State like a damn steamroller.  In all senses of the expression, Honolulu's Poncho are your proverbial hot mess to be reckoned with, wielding a gloriously tuneful din that outdoes the likes of buzzkids Vietcong handily.  Indeed, theirs is a dichotomous amalgam of strenuous vocals (approaching a bona fide scream) with melodic, distorto-punk guitar lines roaring about like Metal Circus-era Huskers, and Bitch Magnet to boot.  "Green Apple," and "A Third Past Four" are my preferred examples of Poncho's manicured noise that has equal footing in the post-punk and emo realms.  Such sweaty. sinewy passion, tempered with a healthy dose of sheer nonchalance is a seemingly incomprehensible proposition to wrap one's mind around, but these blokes have actually done gone pulled it off, and I couldn't be more charmed with the results.  Hear Poncho for yourself over at Bandcamp (available at a price of your choosing) and it would seem you can find a hard copy here.

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