Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fontaine/Delicious Toothpaste 7" (1997, Popfaction)

I have hardly any pertinent details to offer on the pair occupying one song a piece on this split 7," save for their presumed locale of the Richmond, VA area.  The four-piece Fontaine imbue gritty, indie rock panache into their three selections, suggesting what Small Factory might have amounted to had they ventured out on a slightly more high strung limb.  The meager fidelity utilized on "Riza" and "Boober's Dental Appointment" suit these nascent tunes perfectly.

As for the opposite side of the coin, Delicious Toothpaste dole out a sad-sack slack attack that might actually have been effective if their man on the mic actually sang as opposed to talked.  Picking up some mathy/emo textures here, and while this is a fairly pleasant listen it's barely memorable.   

01. Riza
02. Boober's Dental Patient
03. Baggage

Delicious Toothpaste
01. Broken Towns
02. Shaking Thankless


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