Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Epic Rumors - The Feral Child (1989, Bok Du)

Last year our buds over at Down Underground blog exposed us to the smashing 1986 debut ep from Epic Rumors, a San Jose, CA act who straddled the not-so barbed wire fence between commercially viable rock...and that there stuff on the left of the radio dial.  Said ep was a helluva listen, offering bristling, forward thinking tunes bejeweled with Big Country and Cult style guitars leads and kinetic fervor to burn.

Three years on, ER got around to making a full length, specifically the one I have in store for you today.  In the interim, this quartet curbed their enthusiasm a pinch, thankfully retaining much of their initial melodic punch, conveyed best on "The Procession," "At the Edge of Heaven" and "Only Love."  Closing things out with a lofty instrumental doesn't work to their advantage however.  If you're anything like me, you might detect more than a few opaquely veiled themes lending themselves to moral allegory here, albeit nothing alienating.  RIYL past W/O entries entailing the Rhythm Corps, Then Jerico, and The Love In.

PS: I've got a YouTube clip for you of a reunited Epic Rumors covering SVT's power pop classic "Heart of Stone."

01. Knee Jerk Reaction
02. My Eyes (say so much)
03. The Procession
04. Are We Winning
05. At the Edge of Heaven
06. Miracle
07. The Puppets Dream
08. Phoenix
09. Only Love
10. Masquerade
11. The Feral Child



Scaggsaway said...

Did you and I Hate The 90s collaborate on posting esoteric San Jose bands today?

spavid said...

No synergy to speak of. Thanks for pointing that out though.

Pernt said...


Was just doing some reading, and came across a band called The Siddeleys. Apparently they were C-86/jangle pop guys. Do you have them lurking in your collection somewhere? Jangle pop is my lifeblood...


spavid said...

Hey Don. You can download the Siddeley's "Slum Clearance" anthology here. It's decent stuff.


Pernt said...

Thanks! It's in my queue now.


J said...

Any chance of a re-up? Thanks.

Stathis said...

Hello, can you, please, repost this LP?
Thank you very much

lolo said...

Hi again

Is it possible to re-up this one?

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