Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gigolo Aunts - Learn to Play Guitar (1997, Wicked Disc)

And so ends another sporadic week here on W/O.  Thought I'd button things up on a high note.  Haven't talked about the Gigolo Aunts in some time.  Despite their moniker, they don't recall Syd Barrett or Floyd in the least (in case you were wondering).  Their riveting, atom-smashing 1994 long-player, Flippin' Out, presented this Boston bunch at their power pop apex, and they never quite returned to their halcyon strength on subsequent records.  The Aunt's post-Flippin' Out forays may not have been as amp-shreddingly visceral, but they were still rewarding, including this ep which is almost upon it's twentieth anniversary.  "Rocking Chair" might be the finest tune Cheap Trick forgot to pen in the '90s," the propulsive "Sway" lives up to it's title, and "Kinda Girl" wiggles it's way into it's own special sweet spot that would make Matthew Sweet green with envy.

If you're jonesing for a vintage Aunts fix, exit here for their 1988 debut, Everybody Happy.

01. Kinda Girl
02. Wishing You the Worst
03. Sway
04. Sloe
05. Rocking Chair
06. The Sun Will Rise Again

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