Saturday, May 25, 2013

Well Nigh Forgotten - Betty's Wake (1992, Moist)

A Chapel Hill power trio who were most certainly in the “Mould” of Overwhelming Colorfast, Arcwelder and Skunk.  Not necessarily as vital as the aforementioned but I’ll be damned if Well Nigh Forgotten don’t come close at moments.  Frothy riffola for miles and miles.  And would you believe they even throw in a Dwight Yokham cover?

I know that WNF have at least one single to their credit, alongside a compilation track or two. 

01. Coattails and Crutches
02. Betty's Wake
03. Policy
04. Chicano Art
05. Favor
06. Scholar Gypsy
07. Easy Come
08. Dragon Feast
09. Taste of Asphalt
10. Anchoring
11. You're the One
12. phone call

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