Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jamboree - Melt Down ep (1985, Jayrem)

Though I hadn't the slightest familiarity with Jamboree, I was stoked to discover this New Zealand relic, which was issued no less at the height of that nation's fertile indie music phenomenon.  Had I stumbled upon the next Chills or Verlaines?  Um, no, I don't think so.  In fact this four piece hardly meshed with the Kiwi pop aesthetic at all, and even more frustrating Melt Down's first selection (title track) found this foursome absorbed in rote "modern rock" mode, definitely sounding like a glossy product of their era.  Next up, the hushed and insular "A Familiar Quietness" makes a break for the very polar extreme, but unconvincingly I have to say.  Nonetheless, Jamboree manages to salvage the remainder of Melt Down in robust fashion, delivering three slices of pensive, forward thinking guitar pop that would do everyone from Lloyd Cole to Steve Kilbey proud.  A happy ending after all.

01. Melt Down
02. A Familiar Quietness
03. Cold
04. Out of Season
05. Spin Me

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