Sunday, May 12, 2013

What Now - Small Record With Four Songs 7" (1985, Incas)

Providence, RI's What Now were fronted by future Small Factory ringmaster David Auchenbach.  Given that Rhode Island is so tiny, it's no surprise that the handful of bands I know of who've come out of the Ocean State contain relating members, but I digress.  What Now didn't emanate an iota of the Factory's abundant twee factor, but the punky verve of "Noisemaker" and "Anthem" are nonetheless warm and melodic, in a not dissimilar vein to Husker Du.  The starker "All My Life" is colored from a dronier sonic palette, while "The End" opts for a relatively contemplative tone.

01. Noisemaker
02. All My Life
03. The End
04. Anthem


ELXOSE80 said...

Thanks for sharing these outstanding songs.
I love "The End" ... Those guitars !

Anton said...

please, upload again. thank you!

Anton said...

please, upload again. thank you!

spavid said...

Just updated the link. Thanks for alerting us.

Daz said...

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mineforlife said...

Thanks for this one. Collecting a lot of great New England / CT music at the moment!!