Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Infections - Sub-Rosa (1986)

With a name like the Infections they have to be punk...right?  Um, no, I don’t think so.  A lot more straitlaced then I was expecting, I took a chance on these Michiganders by virtue of a very snazzy record sleeve and a healthy dose of mystique. In fact, Sub-Rosa is surprisingly diverse, ranging from the nervy, pub-rock groove of "Reykjavik," to "All Your Life," a Beatlesque piano ballad that gradually blossoms into a more ornate motif that's downright orchestral by the end of it's six minute journey.  Faint Mersey/paisley inclinations involve "Mind Grow" and "Candle Against the Darkness," easily the most winsome two moments here.  The long-winded tracks occupying side two aren’t as consistently enticing, but the ethereal “Under the Rose” finishes Sub-Rosa off on a high note.

01. Big Machine
02. Mind Grow (Apple Blossom Girl)
03. All Your Life
04. Reykjavik
05. Candle Against the Darkness
06. Red Sky/Blue Heart
07. Blue Serene
08. Under the Rose



Unknown said...

I remember buying this one some time ago and not keeping it in the collection. I'll give it the virtual spin again. I'm glad to have the 'soft copy' since it doesn't take up that much room. Thanks.

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