Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Idiot Savant - The Rest on Down ep (1984, Blackberry Way)

Yet another band to crawl out of the Minneapolis underground in the mid '80s, although Idiot Savant had precious little in common with the "holy trifecta."  Instead, this foursome opted for occasionally quirky left-of-the-dial wave/pop type stuff (hold the keyboards, thanks).  Kent Militzer peels off some jagged and sinewy guitar lines when he gets the notion to, but mouthpiece Brian Drake is the consummate and dominating personality among these six grooves.  The Rest on Down was followed up by a full length, A Finger Through the Floor of Heaven a year later. 

01. Down to Sleep
02. Beat the Clock
03. Throw it Away
04. Wheel of Fortune
05. The Rest on Down
06. In My House



Mark W said...

Out of curiosity, who represents the "holy trifecta". I have this album from Dad who owned a bar in Mankato and, at 9 yo, I remember really liking this album.

wipeout66 said...

any Chance to re upload the Album?

MN_Twins said...

The Holy Trifecta for Minneapolis bands from that time was The Replacements, Husker Du and The Suburbs. The Holy Trifecta is Minneapolis can also mean the three best Replacements albums...'Let It Be', 'Tim' and 'Pleased To Meet Me' (from when the Replacements were at the peak of their powers).