Friday, May 24, 2013

Absolute Ceiling 7" (1987, High Wire)

Absolute Ceiling were a Kansas City-area entity, who so far as I can determine may only have this 45 to their credit.  "Many Years From Now" is a potent, indie rock jewel that still holds up to the extent it's title suggests.  A/C had the Midwestern DIY thing in their veins, pulling a little bit from Minneapolis, not to mention points beyond.  "Many Years..." floats a sheet of tracing paper over the likes of the Libertines, Pedaljets, and a myriad of other bands belonging to that ilk, while the flipside effectively milks a garagey riff without getting to raucous.  In addition to these two tracks, some live visual evidence is provided below.  Enjoy

A. Many Years From Now
B. Paint the House in Blood


MKV said...

First track kicked my ass just right, Loved the tempo. The second track made feel like putting on some shades. Great find.

bglobe313 said...

I'm assuming (hoping, wishing) that by "Libertines" you mean the Cincy, Ohio group and not that "other" one.

Love that band and if that's a reference for this one, I am very much looking forward to it.

Ace K.

spavid said...

Yeah, totally MKV. You bet your sweet bippy I'm talking about the Cincy Libertines, Ace. I'm sure there have been at least a dozen other Libertines, and the ones I actually know of suck big time.

Les Avocats du Diable said...

Dead link :(