Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All 2011-2013 links restored!

You're welcome.  Essentially, I'm looking at two years down, three and a half more to go, and I still don't think I'll get to everything.  Taking re-upload requests as usual.  Will try to tackle 2010 next, and I've been refreshing random links from years prior as well.  Thanks for your patience.


Lucas Gelati said...

Men, you're awesome. Really, all the work you are doing for the music you's amazing. Thank you.

Robert Nagle said...

Totally thanks for this. I have been meaning to look at your archives, but wasn't sure that the URLs would be current. By the way, the netkfs files now seem to download well these days.

Just wondering. Are you ever looking for new albums to include. I have two very obscure albums from the 1980s and 1990s -- neither of which were released even on CD. I got flacs/mp3s/m4as, etc.

Email me if you are interested.
idiotprogrammer AT

Michael Lekas said...

Hooray! Thank you for doing this. Your blog is the most useful to me since the demise of LittleHits. I've learned a lot about what great music I missed when I was younger.

spavid said...

Always appreciate the kind words folks. Thanks. Little Hits was one of the websites that inspired Wilfully Obscure.

Thanks for the offer Robert. Will be in touch. Interested to see what you have.

Ivan said...

Thank you!!!!

bglobe313 said...

You're the man!

Doing an incredible service.

Your blog is especially great for me to hear all the other REM/Feelies influenced bands that I know were out there.


Ace K.

jef said...

Thanks for all the great work. Any chance of a repost of this lost classic: Dramarama - The Days of Wayne and Roses (The Trash Tapes



Daniel said...

Thank you for the re-ups! I know how much time and effort goes into doing this massive re-up. It's much appreciated!

anon said...

thanks for all your time and effort.