Tuesday, February 19, 2013

V/A - iHL Records 7" (1997, iHL)

First off, I'm not sure if this compilation is untitled or if the title is the lettering on the sign that adorns the over which reads "Fireworks."  Hmmm.  At any rate, this record is the product of a Quebec label, and it's safe to assume that all four participants hail from one corner or another of Canada.  The female-fronted Minipops lead things off with a soft/loud/soft piece, "Nancy," with the loud quotient possessing some hefty guitar crunch.  A catchy little bugger at that.  Ontario's New Grand (whom I've profiled before) were a quartet who fell loosely in the same realm as Thrush Hermit and the Superfriendz.  They won favor from me in a heartbeat, and I believe their contribution, "There is Something Wrong Here," is exclusive to this record.  Didn't know a thing about the Knurlings til I bought this.  A soft undercurrent of Wurlitzer helps buttress their otherwise average take on indie-pop.  As for Starbean, would Stereolab on sedatives do the trick for you?  If so, you're ship has come in. 

01. The Minipops - Nancy
02. The New Grand - There is Something Wrong Here
03. The Knurlings - Bob Ate My Homework
04. Starbean - OVNI 5


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