Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snake Corps - Victory Parade ep & Testament ep (1986, Midnight)

Upon hearing this Brit quartet for the first time way after the fact just a few years ago, I quickly picked up on the Snake Corps moderate resemblance to another band of the era, Sad Lovers and Giants.  It didn't come as much of a shock to learn that six-stringer Tristan Garel-Funk was a recent alumni of Sad Giants.  The Corps sonic brew wasn't especially visionary, yet highly effective, often suggesting a hybrid of the Chameleons and The Cult (minus the loftiness of the former, and thankfully the bravado of the latter).  The two 12"s this post concerns were released contemporary to the combo's debut LP, Flesh on Flesh.  Tristan's ringing guitar leads, oozing with post-punk iciness mesh well with mouthpiece Marc Lewis' spot-on melodic prowess.  Among the aforementioned comparisons, I'd also recommend these chaps to admirers of Icicle Works and the Mission UK. While all of their albums made it into the digital age, some of these b-sides didn't, including one of their most riveting tunes, "Painted Ocean."  If you're sold like yours truly, I recommend exploring the bulk of the Corps catalog over at iTunes, Amazon, and Emusic.  BTW, per Wiki, the band have reemerged for some live shows here and there. 

Victory Parade ep
A. Victory Parade
B1. Always Be the Same
B2. Painted Ocean

Testament ep
A. Testament
B1. Hit the Cat
B2. Goodbye Forever


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