Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot Nun - s/t (2013) - A brief overview

Hot Sauce!  Pretty much anything Jeff Shelton attaches his name to, particularly a pair of straight-shooting power pop troupes - the Spinning Jennies and Well Wishers typically yields consistently reliable results. For better or worse, those two aggregations catered to the tired and true Not Lame Records set.  Now, Jeff has a brand new bag 'o whoopass to unfurl called Hot Nun, and perhaps the most steaming feather to stick in his proverbial cap to date.

Hot Nun are an economical trio in the classic sense - guitar, bass and drums, with not much else weighing them down.  No frills is the prevailing modus operandi here, and that point is driven from the get go on "Brave New World."  The proceedings hardly let up from there.  Rugged and utterly riff-happy, Jeff and Co. fly the three chord flag just as many miles high and then some.  Plenty of bite with no gristle or aftertaste.  The prevailing effect is that of the Posies adopting Superdrag's punkier penchant - that and maybe a smidgen of Redd Kross and '70s Cheap Trick   Amidst Hot Nun's seven originals is a reinterpretation of David Bowie's beloved fan-favorite, "Queen Bitch."  Digital downloads are available from Bandcamp and Amazon Downloads.  If you need to go the hard copy route, Amazon can take care of you as well, or you can contact H/N via Facebook.  Celebrate the Nun.  Hot Nun. 

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Doug said...

Excellent album.Got it via bandcamp. Highly recommended.