Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cheticamp - Aeroplane vs Automobile (1997, Poster Girl)

Had a request for this one awhile back, that I'm just getting to today.  It follows up last night's Can-indie delight nicely, as it's also a '97 release.  Cheticamp called Halifax, Nova Scotia headquarters, and though they weren't slavish imitators of any of their more renown hometown boys/girls done good, this combo was endeared to a similar indie aesthetic.  Aeroplane... was tracked at different recording facilities over the course of two years, and for better or worse it sounds like it.  Not too much in the way of genre-hopping, save for the twangy, bar-stool inflected "Leaving."  There's a bit of a slacker vibe to Cheticamp as well, if that does anything for you.

01. Flight Path
02. Huey Hog
03. The Princess
04. Morphine Blues
05. Sickamee
06. Leaving
07. It Shows
08. You On
09. After Eight
10. Beverly Hills


Patrick Fiset said...

I'd love to hear this! But the link is dead.
Could you please send me a new one ?

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Antihiv said...

Can you re up the files please?