Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tobin Sprout - Waxnails ep (1998, Recordhead/Wigwam)

It's been many moons since I've dedicated space to the mercurially monikered Tobin Sprout, who got his first big break in the so-called "classic" iteration of Guided By Voices.  The analogy that Sprout was the McCartney to Pollard's Lennon may have held some credence, but if you ask me that table can be turned.  In any event, Tobin Sprout's solo efforts often exceeded his counterpart in terms of quality control.  The fleeting Waxnails ep is a case in point, with the first two numbers "Get Your Calcium" and the timeless, singer/songwriter lilt of "Cereal Killer" being worth the price of admission alone.  The man makes weaving melodies appear as easy as inhaling cotton candy.  For the unacquainted, you'd do well to investigate Sprout's initial volley of solo albums if Waxnails leaves the same indelible impression on you as it does me.  Cheers.

01. get your calcium
02. cereal killer
03. seed
04. the crawling backward man
05. in good hands
06. how's your house? (demo)

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johnnybgoode said...

thanks, really enjoy tobin and i was unaware this existed - i agree his quality control exceeds that of mr pollard.

bglobe313 said...

tobin is always great. The Crawling Backwards Man is right up there. It sounds better than any song with that title should!

Ace K.

Elevate Me Later said...

This is great. I have always loved this ep. Toby has a new record and is on tour. Go see him. His band is great.

pixiesguy said...

Could this please be re-upped? Thank you kindly!!