Monday, February 11, 2013

At the intersection there were two ways to go – you took the high road, I took the low.

If it's Monday, it's mysterious (sound familiar)?  Regarding last week's debut of Mystery Mondays, there were concerns raised about the accessibility of the Netkups link.  In short, if you're having difficulty, try again in a half hour.  Too many people hammering the link simultaneously is apparently giving their servers a headache.  With this in mind, I'll leave this up for a few hours past the usual twenty-four, k?  You're welcome to comment, just don't give away anything obvious.  Enjoy.


WC said...

Hey, I appreciate what you are doing here, but I just got some "find a F*ckbuddy" porn pop ups from that netkups site.

I love your site, and I'm no prude, but I thought if nobody had mentioned this, I would. I know (or at least think I know) you aren't responsible for the content distributed at that site, but it still seems worth knowing.

Can't wait to find out what this is! I missed the last MM!

spavid said...

Sorry about that WC! If that type of advertising pertains to anyone, it would be to a bachelor like myself, not my audience. Didn't realize that Netk was honoring those types of ads - definitely not safe for work, if that's your concern.

If you have a premium Netk account ($5 a month) you are largely if not completely devoid of any types of ads. I can pass your complaint along to their customer support dept, but I can't say I'll have much sway over them. Once again, you have my apologies! I may run a re-run of last weeks MM. Stay tuned.

WC said...

Thanks for the response! I am at work but didn't get in trouble or anything.

Doubt anything either of us could say would sway NetKups from those sweet, sweet porno dollars. I'm not out to censor, just inform!


Michael said...

Hello! for what it's worth - i was kicking around the web to get the artwork for this album and noticed that track 9 is typo'd.