Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frontier Theory - No Waltz in the Meadow (1988, Top) + re-rip of Atlantic

This is a folllow-up entry to the Frontier Theory album Atlantic that I digitized in 2011.  I lauded that 1987 album as something akin to what the creme de la creme of what the 415 Records roster (Translator, Red Rockers, etc) were responsible for.  The next, and apparently final frontier for FT would be the slightly lengthier No Waltz in the Meadow, presenting itself as a little more streamlined than the debut, featuring several songs that could slot evenly between rockers and ballads.  Definitely on the same wavelength as Dreams So Real and Fire Town.  A cover of the pop standard "Summertime" is really unnecessary.  "The One That Got Away" and "Madeline" bear a folky lilt, which takes some getting used to, particularly in comparison to Atlantic's sturdier poise.    

And speaking of Atlantic, I recently obtained a better sounding copy, and have re-ripped it anew.  The d/l links for both are below, and you can reference the original post here

01. Don't Walk Away
02. One More Season
03. The One That Got Away
04. We're So Cool
05. Whirlybird
06. Summertime
07. Madeline
08. Call

No Waltz:


David said...

The two highlights in my opinion are definitely "The One that Got Away" and "We're So Cool", though I think Atlantic trumps this sophomore release in terms of consistency. Still, what an incredibly talented and sorely overlooked band. Michael Kelley has a great voice; does anyone happen to know if he left the music business following the breakup of Frontier Theory?

FaithEllen said...

The "No Waltz" link was deleted due to inactivity -- would you consider re-uploading it? I went to HS with Bob Kelley and have long since lost my vinyl...


spavid said...

Both links have been updated. Thanks for alerting us.

FaithEllen said...

Me again! Could you please refresh the links? I managed to munge my library. :(

lolo said...

Hi again

Could you please re-up the No Waltz EP?

Thank you very much