Sunday, February 3, 2013

Introducing: Mystery Mondays

Hey folks.  There's a Sloan lyric that goes something like "the only good thing about the weekend baby, is that Monday is two days away."  Over the years that ironic line has been of little comfort to me, however starting tomorrow, I hope to offer you something worth waking up for with our new weekly feature, Mystery Mondays.  As each and every working week commences I plan on sharing an album/ep that will not be identified anywhere in the post, and moreover will only be available for 24 hours-ish at best!  Truth be told, this beat-the-clock incentive is largely based around a much more significant ulterior motive. 

What is that motive you might ask?  I have oodles of music I've been sitting on that I don't feel comfortable sharing for an indefinite period of time, even though said music is predominantly unknown.  Let's just say I think it would be best to unveil these particular recordings clandestinely, not to mention within a much more limited time frame.  The majority of this secretive swag will fit in the power-pop/indie realm, but occasionally I might throw you a real curveball.  Often times, the Mystery Monday upload might interest you even more than what I plan to disseminate into the "permanent collection," so to speak.  In short, you really don't want to sleep on these babies, 'cos you might miss out on something truly special.  Then again, maybe not - but there's only one way to find out.  You're welcome to leave a comment, so long as you don't disclose the artist or title.  There won't be a traditional write-up, nor will there be any clues, save for perhaps a song lyric fragment that I'll post as the header (trust me, you probably won't recognize it).

In parting I should mention that I live in the Eastern time zone, and I'm not exactly sure when on any given Monday I'll be letting this thing drop, meaning the link will remain up well into the early hours of Tuesday.  Any...questions?  See you tomorrow.