Friday, February 22, 2013

The Posies - Broadcasts, Vol. 5

Swedish National Radio, April 22, 1996
1. Dream All Day
2. Throwaway
3. Love Letter Boxes
4. Golden Blunders
5. Precious Moments
6. Coming Right Along
7. Everybody Is a Fucking Liar
8. World
9. Flavor of the Month
10. Please Return It

KMTT Seattle, May 13, 1995
11. Precious Moments
12. Fight It

KNDD Seattle, May 13, 1995
13. Please Return It
14. Ontario

"Common Threads," G-Rock Princeton, August 24, 2000
15. Lady Friend (Byrds cover)
16. You Avoid Parties
17. My Big Mouth
18. Saying Sorry To Myself
19. Going Going Gone
20. Dream All Day
21. Suddenly Mary

XFM London, March 6, 2001
22. Matinee


Shriner said...

I would agree with you. There's a lot of overlap here and (so far) any *one* of these would be acceptable over the others.

Go back to "Blood/Candy" and spin that a few times to cleanse your palatte.

johnnybgoode said...

thanks for continuing to post these and i respectfully disagree on the redundancy in that this set includes the live set that "grant hart" came from on the posies boxed set. i just love the sound from that live recording, and to hear the whole set it a true pleasure. thanks and waiting for #6. : )

Unknown said...

Great stuff here too :) but the link is broken :( if you have time, can you please reupload the vol 5 .thanks so much for sharing.

Woody said...

I love this band. Thankx.

If you want:

robgronotte said...

Any chance for a reupload of this one? Got all the other 6 volumes from you, but this one is dead. :(

Seattleite said...

Would really appreciate an upload of this one too. Thanks.

robgronotte said...

Thanks for the re-upload.