Saturday, September 3, 2011

Various - The letter "P" folder mix

I have a pretty vast trove of MP3s taking several hundred gigs on my beloved hard drive.  They're pretty organized, mostly in separate folders by album/single by band name.  For almost every complete album I have by an artist I archive just as many random one-off songs by artists I don't have a dedicated folder to.  These tracks have been corralled into letter folders A through Z.  I often forget these particular folders exist, that is unless I feel the urge to hear a specific track. 

It turns out that these 26 "letter" folders are a lot of fun to listen to on my MP3 player, as the disparate variety of songs (and their respective genres) run right into each other without any interruption.  To give you an idea of what is contained within one of these folders, I opted to go for the letter P, which is as representative as any.  The "P" folder currently houses 247 tracks, coming in at a little bit over one gigabyte in size.  Am I sharing all 247 selections?  Hardly.  I thought I'd try for sixteen instead.  I'm going to forgo the usual "setlist" that I routinely provide for my usual entries, as I don't want to give everything away, but a few items you'll find in my debut folder mix are a cheesy prank phone call, a vintage Primal Scream demo, a cover of a Psych Furs song, an actual Psych Furs b-side (that never made it to cd), an overlooked Prefab Sprout chestnut, more covers, and best of all, an intriguing but utterly rambling spoken word piece from the man who brought us the Lollaplooza festival.  Have fun with this.



Scaggsaway said...

This is a wonderful idea. I've been compiling the "best" of each letter from the last decade myself, listening to each letter as a playlist all the way through, alphabetically by artist. So I know how this can be as good as a simple shuffle.

I'm only up to L though and 2011 is mostly done. So it's not the most efficient process.

Did I miss something though? Can't find the download link.

spavid said...

Just added the link. Sorry about that. Enjoy.

Scaggsaway said...

Oh, the bands start with P. That makes more sense. But not what I was talking about.

joseph kyle said...

I don't foresee a Porno for Pyros post here...but a Psi-Com post, however, is TOTALLY in the realm of possibility. Think you could manage one, Spavid?

spavid said...

Hey J. I have a couple of live Psi Com shows that I might be able to get up, but here is a link to their ep (the one reissued by Triple X Records):

And here's a site hosting MP3s of Psi Com's demo tape, Worktape 1

Marc said...

Help me, sister! I liked it!