Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kid Icarus - American Ghosts (2011, Big School) - a brief overview

It would be an understatement to say that Kid Icarus should have been on my radar eons ago.  I certainly had the opportunity given they (the 'they' being attributed predominantly to head honcho Eric Schlittler) already had four albums under their belt, but some much needed word of mouth was apparently lost in the translation to these eyes and ears.  I can't rightfuly say I know how those previous releases compare, but American Ghosts is a joyous excursion into mid-fi, sonic abandon.  Copious amounts of frilly and fuzzy reverb collide head-on with the clamorous, yet poignantly sweet twin guitar attack of Schlittler and cohort Justin Marchegiani.  Kid Icarus are mongers, if you will, of noise and melody, but add to this already potent cocktail a walloping dose of heady, billowy sonic expansiveness to push this affair over the top, particularly on "Bicycle Spokes II" and "Hang Gliders."  It's been noted that Kid Icarus owe more than a wink and a nod to '90s indie rock in general, and stretching even a little further back, many a band on the Homestead Records roster.  That said, they exude so much of what cult groups like Nice Strong Arm and Death of Samantha seemed to be painstakingly striving for, but on American Ghosts these guys see to it that vision is realized, albeit on their own slightly esoteric terms.  Check out this record digitally or otherwise.

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