Sunday, December 19, 2010

Various - GBGBV (Guided by Guided by Voices) (2010, Wild Animal Kingdom)

Earlier this year when Pitchfork mentioned in a GBV related article that the cassette label Wild Animal Kingdom was releasing a tribute compilation to Robert Pollard & Co that was to be limited to a paltry 100 copies, I headed over to their webpage and snagged myself one just in the nick of time.   WAK sold out of GBGBV months ago, and even though the tape consists of contributions from totally unknown quantities (most situated in Washington state and New Jersey for some inexplicable reason) it's always a treat to hear GBV interpretations regardless of whose hands are molding the clay.  The full track list is below.  Despite a serious deficiency of name recognition there are some brilliant songs covered here like "Chicken Blows," "A Salty Salute," and "As We Go Up We Go Down" that were not taken to task on the two GBV tribute collections I've shared previously, Scalping the Guru and Blatant Doom Trip (that first one also being cassette only).  GBGBV is a pretty lo-fi affair, and quite fitting when you think about it.  Enjoy (or not).

01. GBGBVOLY - intro
02. Invisible Hand - Non Absorbing
03. Chromium Bitch - Tractor Rape Chain
04. No Demons Here - Wondering Boy Poet/Game of Pricks
05. Martin Courtney IV - Kicker of Elves/As We Go Up We Go Down
06. Andrew Cedermark - A Good Flying Bird
07. Air Waves - Back to the Lake
08. Big Troubles - A Big Fan of the Pigpen
09. Alex Bleeker and Evan Brody - Motor Away
10. Eternal Summers - A Salty Salute
11. Pill Wonder - My Valuable Hunting Knife
12. Hallelujah the Hills - Chicken Blows
13. FZ - I Am a Scientist
14. Harpoon Forever - Awful Bliss
15. Citymouth and Chromium Bitch - They're Not Witches
16. Fluffy Lumbers - Club Molluska
17. Dana Jewell - 14 Cheerleader Coldfront



The Salvager said...

Thanks for this! I've got tickets to see GBV in Louisville next month!

Another Rolf said...

Thanks. Maybe this will be the version that helps me finally get into GBV.

Alex said...

hey! I'm in the band Harpoon Forever featured on this compilation, so if you wanna see our stuff you can check us out here:

Tom-Erik said...

please repost !!

spavid said...

The link has been updated.