Monday, December 6, 2010

Punchbuggy - Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale (1996, Shake)

I haven't dedicated much space to Ottawa's Punchbuggy, save for a split single with Treble Charger, but that's about to change starting right  Grand Opening... was the 1996 follow-up to a tremendously promising debut, '94s All Nite Christian Rollerskate, that I couldn't get enough of when it passed into my hands from the music director of the college radio station I was spinning for at the time.  GOGOOBS wasn't quite as flooring as that first album, nonetheless it was clear Punchbuggy hadn't blown their collective wad yet - not by a long shot, with such buzzing, incessantly hooky nuggets as "Yoda", "On the CBC," and "Five and Ten of the Other." Fellow country-mates the Doughboys and Killjoys were apparent inspirations to these excellent punk-pop purveyors, and if you ask me that's some damn fine company to be in.  Definitely in the same league as Big Drill Car and Armchair Martian too.  Punchbuggy were something really phenomenal. 

That aforementioned debut, All Nite Christian Rollerskate and the band's 2002 parting shot, The Great Divide, are available on iTunes, but strangely enough this one isn't (though cds are fairly cheap thru Amazon), nor is their third record, My Norwegian Cousin.

01. Five and Ten of the Other
02. Yoda
03. Dressed for Success
04. Brownie and a Coke
05. Pretty Good Disaster
06. Topsy Turvy
07. Cletus
08. Hank Spur
09. Allison's Slipping
10. Smart
11. Now We're Through
12. Summer Season
13. On the CBC
14. Add the Area Code
15. 37
16. Corduroy


Brushback said...

The one Punchbuggy record that I don't have! Thanks!

MKV said...

Love me some Punchbuggy. Is there any chance that you can post My Norwegian cousin?