Monday, December 27, 2010

Gravel Truck (Let's Active) 10/31/08 @ The City Tap, Pittsboro, NC

Apparently the batch of Let's Active demos I posted on Christmas Eve was a big hit with a lot of people, so I thought I'd share this live curio from Halloween 2008, where an intimate outdoor gathering featured Mitch Easter and friends performing a set of LA songs, billed under the moniker of Gravel Truck.  Two thirds of the original LA trio, Faye Hunter and Sara Romweber are absent, as are just about all the players for the band's final two albums, Big Plans for Everybody and Every Dog Has It's Day.  So who exactly is present and accounted for in this lineup?  Tim Lee of Windbreakers renown among others, as well as Easter's wife and longtime musical coconspirator Shalini Chatterjee. Charlotte local yocal Chris Garges mans the drumkit, and Tim Lee's wife Susan Bauer Lee contributes vocals as well.

As for the performance itself, is the 'magic' still intact?  There's only one way to find out, and by now, you know what ya'll need to do on your end.  BTW, the notes in the folder are not mine, rather I'm assuming the taper.

01 Easy Does

02 Every Word Means No
03 Ornamental
04 -tuning break-
05 Horizon
06 Badger
07 Every Dog Has His Day
08 Still Dark Out
09 Reflecting Pool
10 -tuning break-
11 Bad Machinery
12 Fell
13 In Little Ways
14 - crowd noise > encore-
15 Talking To Myself


Moose said...

This was a show I had heard about but could not make it to. Thanks for posting it!

It's All Music, Man said...

Great stuff...thanks for posting. More Mitch please!