Saturday, December 4, 2010

Singles Going Single #151 - Harvest Theory - From the Back 7" (1994, Springman/Take a Day)

Thought this would be a fitting follow-up to the Garden Variety album I offered up yesterday. Harvest Theory were a quartet of former Cali punks dabbling with the soft/loud/soft post-hardcore formula. This concise little blurb I plucked from a cobwebbed chunk of cyberspace will give you some insight into their origins:

...From the ashes of Monsula, and after some false starts with Dave E.C. (Winona Riders, Filth, Pot Valiant, Vagrants), Richie Bucher (Sweet Baby Jesus, Winona Riders), Joe Bansuelo (7 Seconds--and owner of the loudest SVT on the planet), and Dan O'Mahoney (411, No For an Answer, Carry Nation), Harvest Theory formed in 1993 and played for about three years.

Thanks to Justin Snider's money from the army, and the fact that he didn't seem to have anything better to do with it, Springbox records is born and Harvest Theory releases a two song 7" (Springbox #4) and a full length c.d. (Springbox #7). One too many onstage explosions and the move to Indiana hasten the 1996 breakup.

The band sounds like a fairly accurate cross between Monsula and Fugazi (think Repeater-era). I have the album they mention above, and might see fit to share it at a later date. For now, enjoy (or not).

A. Louder Than Words
B. Stale-mate

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FurryFleece said...

Hey Thanks for posting this. Was a huge fan of Monsula back in the day.