Monday, December 22, 2008

Singles Going Single # 90 - The Look "Three Steps Away" 7" (1981, MCA)

Some British pop for ya here, of the "power" variety that is. The Look released but one proper album during their brief lifespan in the halcyon era of the power-pop movement. Behold, two slices of taught, and dare I say nervy, three-chord rock with the b-side "Much Too Late For That" remaining exclusive to this wax. "Three Steps Away," a should-have-been classic went on to their self-titled album issued the same year, but my understanding is that another single, "I Am the Beat" was more successful. A thorough history is revealed on their website (linked above) and furthermore, ordering info for their recently released second album, Pop Yowlin', on Angel Air Records is also provided.

A. Three Steps Away
B. Much Too Late For That

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Ghost Of Gaddis said...

Oh my goodness - EVERYTHING is on the web somewhere! I remembered the fab B side when I pulled it out of my 45s box to show my daughter (who not so long ago asked, "What's a record?" and now wants turntables for her next birthday) - and was desperate to hear it through my MP3 speakers! Thank you thank you thank you. Can you top this with The Dots' "Helen In Your Headphones"??!!