Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Search For Saturnalia - Four Letters (2000, Has Anyone Ever Told You?)

Yet another dollar bin find well worth it's weight in pennies. Not much background info to divulge about The Search for Saturnalia, save for the bio on their now defunct label's webpage. These clangy, but tuneful treble-kickers were based in Austin, TX, but they seemed to have fixed their collective gaze on '90s Canadian indie-rock, specifically the variety emanating from Halifax and Moncton. The opening salvo, "Her Little Note" exudes traces of vulnerability and yearnfulness, but is ultimately overshadowed by David Denosowicz's and Tina Lockwood's twin guitar surge. "Boomer Sonata" and "Will Travel" follow suit, while "You Were" is even more assertive. Four Letters is a great little album, but sadly it was Saturnalia's epitaph. Would love to hear the ep that preceded this. If you liked this, check out my relatively recent Sometimes Sweet Susan and Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. posts.

01. Her Little Note
02. Mercury
03. Boomer Sonata
04. In General
05. You Were
06. Ice Cream Heartache
07. Will Travel
08. Mustang Cobra
09. Thinking About It
10. Date

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Matt said...

awesome. i actually play in a band with one of these guys, chris boehk.

you can hear his solo stuff here:

he's manning the whole ordeal on those recordings.

so awesome that you've posted this stuff.