Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Singles Going Single # 85 - Man Dingo How's My Driving? 7" & ifive LP (1994, Dr. Strange)

What would a self-respecting blog dedicated to the underexposed and under-appreciated like this one be without a post on one of the best power-trios of the '90s, Man Dingo? Guess that's not much of an issue anymore given said post is now before your eyes. Denizen's of Phoenix, AZ, Man Dingo's brand of pop-punk, with a highly pervasive influence from the very like-minded Big Drill Car (and to a lesser extent, early Green Day), never garnered the national audience they deserved. For shame, 'cos their succulent hooks, brisk tempos, and genuine passion for the quality of their craft was head and shoulders above the vast majority of their peers. I can't recommend these guys enough!

Man Dingo spent most of their tenure on the Cali-based Dr. Strange label, on which they released these two recordings, plus a subsequent LP, Macho Grande, another single, and I think a split ep with another outfit who's name escapes me at the moment. MD alumni would later go onto Stereotyperider.
For some reason, the band's ifive cd was mastered at an insultingly low volume, but through the miracle of Sound Forge I boosted it to a reasonable level. 
How's My Driving 7"
A. Closet Bully
B1. My Stereo
B2. Box

01. Dirtbag
02. Drop
03. Blue 60
04. Closet Bully
05. Bigger Than You
06. Moonburn
07. Cakeblister
08. Back on Time
09. Aquaman
10. Receipt
11. Term Oil
12. Outside 


Glasgavlen said...

Dude... your link no working for http://rapidshare.com/files/169688985/mandingo_ifive.rar
What happened? HALP!!

Rev. Dave said...

Second that. The link isn't working anymore... were you asked to take it down by the band?

iJunkie said...

this is a great band and ifive is such a powerful cool record. reminds me of early face to face. every year in springtime i dig out this record and listen to "back on time". this song makes me feel like " yeah, summer can come!". this day was today. cheers from germany, f.
ps: too bad, they don't even have a myspace site but thanks for this post.

Unknown said...

Please repost
I've been looking for these two albums since the early 2000's