Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Singles Going SIngle # 87 - Swirlies - Error 7" (1992, Pop Narcotic)

If you were an ear-to-the-ground shoegazer in the early to mid '90s, you're probably well versed with the Swirlies. If not, let this single be your introduction. Along with other American distorto-merchants of the era like The Lilys, Drop Nineteens, and Fudge (who I'll soon be dedicating an upcoming post to), the Swirlies turned the Anglophile dream-pop movement on it's collective ear, intoning (quite literally) the foundation laid down by My Bloody Valentine and Ride with a deliberately lo-fi aesthetic and ample experimentation. On their first pair of records, 1992's What to Do About Them ep, and the hot-on-it's-heels full-length, Blonder Tongue Audio Baton, heavy flange, patchworked arrangements, and sublimely infectious, albeit sometimes indecipherable boy/girl vocal passages, comprised the Swirlies lovingly fucked-with calling card.

The Swirlies would go on to release several more eps and albums, but by and large abandoned the dream-pop thing for more ambient and avant pursuits. If you like what you hear, investigate the aforementioned records, as well as their worthy 1996 album, They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of the Salons. BTW, did I mention they're from Boston?

A. Park the Car by the Side of the Road
B. Upstairs


M Guy said...

Mught be worth mentioning that The Swirlies have made all their albums available for free download here:

Stephen said...

Great band, did you hear they are playing some shows in February?

damon said...

I love that a blog I loyally follow just posted one of my records. Thanks :P DT

spavid said...

Thanks Damon! (and everyone else)!