Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rifle Sport - Primo & White (1990, Big Money)

Though operating on a completely different level than their Minneapolis brethren of the era (Mats, Husker, etc), Rifle Sport seemed to have their metaphorical compass pointing due south, to acerbic, post-punk Chicago bands like Big Black and Breaking Circus. As the Trouser Press link above dissects the band much more accurately than I can, there are definitely some Burma-esque rumblings permeating the Iain Burgess produced Primo. This is unquestionably a post-punk record, albeit one with the raw, Midwest indie movement of the late '80s written all over it.

For his extracurricular enjoyment, drummer Todd Trainer (who in fact played with Breaking Circus) rawked out on his own project Brick Layer Cake and would later go onto the Steve Albini-helmed Shellac. Bass-wrangler Pete (Flour) Conway eked out several albums of Big Black-ish industro-rock during his Rifle Sport tenure as well.
01. Exploding Man
02. Jobs
03. Black Shadow
04. Manfred
05. Positions
06. Clouds
07. 24 Doors
08. Sun in Sky
09. Kings and I
10. Jon 

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