Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fire in the Radio - Red Static Action (2000, Wednesday)

Fire in the Radio were a little known turn-of-the-millennium outfit from State College, PA (a town who's moniker is as curious as 'King of Prussia,' but I digress). This ever so slightly wet-behind-the-ears quartet bridged the gap between indie-rock and emo, putting them in league with contemporaries The Get Up Kids, Juliana Theory, and to a more negligible extent, Superchunk. Red Static Action may not have been particularly seismic, but it wielded the potential for a much more incendiary follow-up album - one that sadly never came to pass, for reasons unknown to myself. This fleeting ten-song disk appears to be the first and final word on Fire in the Radio. Physical copies may still be available from Insound. Furthermore, if you enjoyed this, check out my recent m.i.j. post.

01. A Separate Piece
02. Hold My Pocket
03. Answering Machine
04. Tryst Affair
05. Probably German
06. The Bean and the Cod
07. The Flight in Miles
08. Distress Call No. 416
09. Lessons
10. Talk for the Tired

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robgronotte said...

Is this the same band that has released three albums since 2015? (Telemetry, New Air, Monuments). I would tend to thing it is a different band, except the more recent albums are also on Wednesday Records.

Anyway, would love a repost of this along with any info anyone has. Thanks!