Sunday, November 4, 2007

Numbers - Add Up (1979)

The Toronto based Numbers were a straight-up power pop quartet that released their one and only album, Add Up at the crest of that genre’s movement in the late-70s/early 80. Arguably, their moniker was accurate, in that their approach was pretty much by…well, the numbers. Not withstanding their lack of innovation, they delivered an excellent batch of tunes, with the emphasis particularly on the jagged lead-off cut, “Sideways Elevator,” which was also released as a single. Elsewhere on Add Up, The Numbers proved they could go head to head with such contemporaries as The Records and Plimsouls, evidenced by the sublime jangle of “Leave It To Me,” and “Can’t Take It.”

A good summation of the Numbers brief career can be found at Canoe’s Canadian encyclopedia of music here .
I have also included the text of it below:

Coleman York (drums, backing vocals)

Jim Kennedy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Ed Blocki (lead vocals, bass guitar)
Peter Evans (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards)
Colin "Archie" Gerrard (keyboards vocals; replaced Kennedy 1980)

With Canadian record label Attic Records always on the cutting edge of new, innovative ways of developing talent while keeping costs low, they hit on the idea of a no-frills label called Basement Records. Their first signing was Toronto act, The Numbers, in 1979. The band went into the Soundstage studios in Toronto in October of that year with Jack Richardson's son Garth Richardson producing.

Attic co-owner Tom Williams wanted the Numbers to be the first album released in 1980 so, at 9:00 AM on New Year's day, key radio music directors and journalists were sent a copy of the album 'Add Up' to their homes along with a Bloody Caesar alcoholic beverage. The ploy worked as The Numbers received a bit of activity with the first single, "Sideways Elevator", but when it came time to follow that up with a second album the band demanded a larger production defeating the ability for Basement Records to live up to its mandate. As a result the band made a deal to re-sign with Attic Records under the new name Hot Tip (whereby Jim Kennedy was replaced by keyboardist Colin Gerrard). Unfortunately, the band broke up shortly after its two singles could be released in 1981. With notes from Kevin Shea and Michael Coxe.

01. Sideways Elevator
02. Sunday Afternoon
03. Out to You
04. BIts & Pieces
05. Can't Take It
06. Leave it to Me
07. Mr. Dempster
08. Won't You Call
09. She's Got Everything
10. Get Away


acresofbears said...

Thanks for this one. I ripped a copy from my old vinyl LP, but the vinyl was in pretty poor shape - I played this record a lot.


Merci !
I was looking for this one since a long time !
Many thanks !

spavid said...

Glad I could be of help.

Bart said...

Holy &%$#...I'm giggling like a little school girl here...brilliant (unknown) album! One of my all time favorites!Poppy, catchy,"Won't you call" and "Get Away" are absolutely essential listening for anyone who has never heard this (but it's all good). Kudos for posting this gem.

Anonymous said...

There was a 2nd Numbers album issued under the band name of Hot Tip, also on Attic, in 1981. Not as good but it has its moments. I'll followup if I post it somewhere.

- Michael

flowerchild_87 said...

OMG , I can't believe I found this! I went to see this band when I was a teen at a place called "Larry's Hideaway" in Toronto ( wonder if it's still there lol ) they "Rocked" the place down ! Their sound was so ahead of it's time (jmo)
Anybody know where I can download their music ?

Photohouse said...

Peter Evans and I are developing a Facebook page for the Bands
Hot Tip and The Numbers.I met Peter dphotographing the bands promos.
It has been 30 years things get lost masters etc. If anyone has a copy of the album ,cassette in Toronto .I can have it copied and or Mp3 files please forward to me .
PS Larry's Hideaway is long gone and is part of the park area of allan Gardes in Toronto

Kat Ex. said...

This was my dad's band! He's Peter :) Too bad I wasn't around to see them in their prime.

Also, I realize this comment is a couple years late, but better late than never!

monsterpop said...

hi folks! is there any chance of a newer upload for this one,? as the old one no longer works. i LOVE the Hot Tip album and would love to hear this

Steve said...

Thanks for the download. Only heard about this album after stumbling across Ed Blocki's Pretty Green album on Spotify and trying to find more of his stuff. Love that album too. Managed to get an unopened vinyl copy on Ebay. Does anyone know if Ed is still alive/recording/performing?? Steve (

Unknown said...

Hey, my dad played in this band too! His name is Coleman York and he was the drummer!

Steve said...

Hi Sammy :-) Thants amazing! Does your dad still play? Does he have any idea where Ed Blocki is these days? Is hi still alive? And is he still recording??

Steve :-)

Unknown said...

Used to hear Sideways Elevator on 1050 CHUM way, way back in the day. Until I found this article I was sure they were a Brit pop band.

Coolruler said...

Hi! been looking for this album for a long time, a chance for a re up? thanks

Unknown said...

Hey Sammy,

I used to play with your dad Coleman and Ed Blocki in a band called the Purple Hearts. It was just after Hot Tip and we lasted about a year. Say hi to Coleman for me when you get a chance.

FYI here is a writeup I found on one of our gigs:

All the best!

Cliff Stevens (.com)

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the late reply!! My dad is well, he is not in a band right now but has his drums set up in the basement which he plays sometimes with me. He does not have any idea where Ed Blocki is or any information about him.
Thanks for reaching out!


Steve said...

HI Sammy.

Thanks for getting in back touch.

Hope you are staying safe. Are you guys in lockdown? It's all a bit crazy in England at the moment.

Its good to know yout dad is still drumming. Once a drummer, always a drummer I suppose!?

Shame he doesn't know about Ed. I asked a few people online but know one seems to have seen or heard from him in years. I still listen to the album from time to time.

Steve (UK)

Kurt72cobain said...

Hi can you please reup?

Phil said...

Seconding the request for re-up if at all possible ? Thanks!!

Ray Makk said...

Would love a RE:UP if you could please and thank you. such a great band.