Friday, November 23, 2007

The Bats (US) - How Pop You Can Get? (1982)

Before scoring soundtracks (i.e. I Heart Huckabees), enjoying a coveted spot in the short-lived, mid-90s pop supergroup The Grays, not to mention recording a thoroughly excellent solo album, Meaningless in 2001, Jon Brion endured a little-known skinny-tie phase predating all of the aforementioned. Some 25 years ago in Connecticut, a band dubbed The Bats committed to tape a fairly convincing power-pop-ish album How Pop Can You Get? on the small and assumedly local label, Gustav Records. Though hardly a landmark for the genre or otherwise, The Bats romantic sentiments and period keyboard accoutrements were if anything competent, and for that matter, sometimes downright hook-laden, as evidenced by the title cut.

I do not own an original copy of this album, nor will I likely be fortunate enough to (unless it's reissued *hint, hint*), however I was able to procure a decent rip in the outermost regions of cyberspace for your listening leisure. Now, how pop can you get?

01. chauve-souris
02. how pop can you get
03. not easy for me
04. will she ever come around
05. mr. peculiar
06. living in alaska
07. not my girl anymore
08. something ventured
09. hey teen-age
10. why does suzy have bad dreams?
11. paranoid schizophrenic
12. every night
13. too out-bottom of the ninth

Update: this has been reissued online from the original tapes! Sounds impeccable. Get it from Amazon, Emusic, or iTunes.


Friar said...

Fun disc; thanks

the catman said...

Please, repost this - impossible to find! Thanks...

Shanice said...

Yes! Please Repost- I would love to hear this.

monsterpop said...

aw,the links dead;-(


KSHE Klassics Dude said...

Any chance of reupping this? I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

haha! my best friend evie's dad is in this band. BILL MURPHY!!!!! lololololololololololololololololol!

Max Galaxy said...

Hey man, Re-up!

Paul said...

I highly recommend listening to The Bats' album and single, both recorded at Presence Studios in West Haven, CT, and released on Gustav Records. More details are in my book "Connecticut Rocks!"
Paul Bezanker

Ronan said...

Any chance of a re-up?