Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crackerbash - 20th Century Masters: The Singles Collection

Like many indie-rawk bands hailing from Portland, Oregon during the 1990s, Crackerbash, along with such hometown brethren as Hazel, Heatmiser, and Pond opted for something less bludgeoning than their flanneled neighbors to the north. Crackerbash were less prominent than pretty much all of the aforementioned, but no less worthy. The band's calling card was Sean Croghan who's deep and none-to offbeat bellow was coupled by flurries of crunchy, chiming guitar riffs, the product of his own two hands no less. The band's finest hour came in the form of a self-titled debut album on Empty Records in 1992. It would also be their only full-length, with the Tin Toy ep coming on it's heels a couple of years later.

There were also some admirable singles, which is the topic of this very post. Not a crowning achievement so much as a quasi status symbol, The 'bash had the privilege of partaking in Sub Pop's fabled singles of the month club, with their 7" slab arriving on the August 1992 installment. I apologize for the pesky vinyl noise on the A-side, "Nov. 1," but nevertheless a standout track, backed with a Spinanes cover on the flip side.

Even more stunning was the ringingly melodious "Holiday" from a '92 7" released on the locally based Imp Records. A huge personal favorite of mine, despite it's two so-so accompanying tracks. If Crackerbash had a "signature song," so to speak, then by golly, "Jasper" just might have been representative as such. With it's mesmerizing wall of power chords and Croghan's throaty wail, "Jasper" is a slice of indie-punk perfection. In addition to it's release on an Empty Records 7", the song also made an appearance on their album. Some of the recordings on this Crackerbash triple-shot may sound a trifle crude but so be it. Their magic shines through nonetheless. A complete Crackerbash discography can be found here.

Holiday 7" ep (Imp Records)
01. Holiday
02. All Work
03. Walk Back

Jasper 7" ep (eMpTy Records)
04. Jasper
05. Aluminum Siding
06. Leaving 
Sub Pop single of the month (August 1992)
07. Nov. 1
08. Halloween Candy


Unknown said...

great post, but now I want to hear Pond's "Pollen" -- something I haven't listened to in ages. Would you be willing/able to post that?

spavid said...


Hmmm, you'll have to jog my memory, where is "Pollen" from?

Unknown said...

The picture is a picture of Jr. High, not Crackerbash! But, good stuff. Good job. Thanks!