Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Pooh Sticks - Formula One Generation (1990, Sympathy)

Per the liner notes, not to mention the telltale audio snippets comprising Formula One's intro track, The Pooh Sticks claim to have been inspired by The Records and Raspberries among others.  In terms of conventional power pop however, this Welsh co-ed troupe tended to play it fast and loose in that particular domain on their premiere long-player (one which followed an avalanche of singles and eps).  Lots of idiosyncratic tangents and such here, that I'm sure must have kept John Peel intrigued.  Formula... boasts a couple covers, including the Vaselines "Dying For It" which nearly bests the original.  Since I can't offer much more insight into this record, I'll let Trouser Press have their say:

Formula One Generation — the Poohs' first proper studio album — is self-indulgent ("Tonight" takes forever to gather itself into an actual song) and uneven, but the lack of sonic luster can't possibly spoil such wonderfully cool tunes as "Susan Sleepwalking," "Radio Ready," "Dare True Kiss Promise," "Soft Bed, Hard Battles." (The inclusion of yet another version of "Dying for It" doesn't hurt, either.) But there's an especially hasty quality to the performances, which leaves them mildly lacking that certain esprit de pooh.

01. Intro
02. Radio Ready
03. Teenage High
04. Time to Time
05. Susan Sleepwalking
06. All the Good That's Happening
07. Dare True Kiss Promise
08. Teenage High 2
09. Tonight
10. Soft Bed, Hard Battles
11. Dying for It


tony party said...

Always had a soft spot for this band.

L said...

Heard of this band many times but never stopped to listen. Since I favor more indie/jangle poppy tunes, hoping this is more my speed. Thanks for posting.

Mikey B. said...

I would be eternally grateful if you could please re-up this!?

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