Saturday, April 11, 2015

Semion - Get a Grip mLP (2000)

The following blurb was taken from issue 49 of Big Takeover magazine.  I remembering liking this one at the time and still do, as well as a full length that followed a few years later.  Semion's website is dormant, and there's not much further info to be had on 'em it appears. 

These indie-Brit power-poppers have a knack for jangly pop that runs the gamut from The Ropers (“Paul Loves Derek”), Teenage Fanclub (“Dumb”), early Sloan (“Sunny”), and even Eugenius (“Year of the Monkee,” which cops a few lines from the Replacements “Talent Show”). While Get a Grip finds Semion cutting their teeth on all the aforementioned, it’s pretty apparent that the band has yet to grow into a fully distinctive sound that they can claim as their own.   Still, with what they presently aspire to, they’re off to a fine start.

01. Paul Loves Derek
02. Theme From Semion
03. Sunny
04. Under the Sea
05. Dumb
06. I Can Dream All Day
07. Year of the Monkee

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Bruce K. said...

Big Takeover, Spavid, jangly pop, Replacements, just from being on this site and skim reading I'm ready and eager to hear this.