Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Right as Rain - Undertown (1988, DB)

Hard to believe I dismissed this after one listen.  Were it not for a recent request I may not have given Undertown a second thought.  So far as their earlier material is concerned Right as Rain's straight-shooting take on power pop, emanated undercurrents of everyone from Fire Town to Guadalcanal Diary.  Striking a balance between sturdy riffs and some well apportioned janglier maneuvers, this Atlanta quartet dispenses taut and assertive morsel, including but not limited to "Highway" and "Understand," alongside relatively contemplative pit stops like "Undertow."  There ain't much mystique to Undertown, but it's plentifully persuasive on it's own terms.  It was also released on CD, however this rip was taken from a very clean vinyl copy.  A previous ep is available for the taking here

01. Rain
02. A Girl Like Jesus
03. Highway
04. If the World
05. I Believe in You
06. Our Town
07. Undertow
08. Judson Choir
09. Understand
10. Something Happened


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I picked this up used for $1 way back in the late 80s and I liked it. It reminded me a lot of the Swimming Pool Q's (nee' the Pool Q's).


Would be a great candidate for next month's re-ups!

Stathis said...

Can you please repost this LP?
Thank you very much