Sunday, April 5, 2015

Light Sleeper - s/t (2003, Shmat)

I do believe this is the first Wilfully Obscure entry for an Alhambra, CA based band.  It's also one of the mellowest items I've offered in quite some time.  There's no info in the accompanying booklet as to whom comprises Light Sleeper, but I can confirm there's at least one boy and one girl, sharing and trading off on the micLightweight but not fluffy, twinkly yet barely twee - eight words that describe LS's chilled-out indie pop to a T.  You can find a few further details on this homespun outfit via Shmat Records site, who are apparently no longer vending CDs of this or anything else.

01. Febrile in February
02. Pop Song
03. Melting Point
04. Spellbound
05. Come on Baby
06. Go
07. Indian Giver
08. Leonid Sky
09. Where's My Happy Ending


Bruce K. said...

OK, I'll bite. Will let you know what I think.

And by the way I had no memory of checking out the Clay Idols before, so your recent post had led me to also download those. So, likewise for them.


spavid said...

You go Bruce, you go!

L said...

Doesn't look like Bruce ever offered his two cents, but I'll offer mine. "Lightweight but not fluffy, twinkly yet barely twee" - Definitely more my speed. I'd hoped sooner or later there would be something like this. It was worth the wait. They're terrific. Especially like the vocals and spare melodies. Great discovery. Un mil gracias.