Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Young Caucasions - The Shroud of Elvis (1987, Top)

Looks like The Young Caucasians are a bit of a cold case, web-wise anyway.  Hailing from Chevy Chase, MD this quintet wasn't your average D.C. fare.  No punk or h/c overtones here, and to our good fortune they don't exude anything that could be attributed to the man mentioned in the album title.  The Caucasians play it fairly straightforward, intermittently teasing us with some Stonesy vibes throughout The Shroud of Elvis.  You'll discern it more in Matt Adores vox than Andy Social's fretwork, but make no mistake, these boys ain't the second coming off Mick and Keef by a long shot. Nonetheless, "I Don't Love You" is a Jagger-esque slice of blue-eyed soul, while "Doin' My Time" distinctly shifts things into J. Geils Band mode.  Fun as those are, "Comedy Team" and "Can You Tell the Difference" manage to surpass them.  Per the marred sleeve art, this record was once in the possession of a radio station, and has all kinds of vinyl static to show for it.  I did my best to clean it up, but should I come across a cleaner copy, a re-rip will be in order.

01. Comedy Team
02. Good People
03. Doin' My Time
04. I Don't Love You
05. Don't Up the Window
06. Let's Dig the Impossible
07. Can You Tell the Difference
08. Troubled Child
09. Back to the Start
10. Real Things


Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for this. These guys played at one of my high school dances-for real!

Unknown said...

any chance for a reshare? the files has expired at zippy! :-)