Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Purdins - Greatest Hits (1995) + October 11th reunion show news!

Remember the 7" ep I shared by Seattle's Purdins in 2011?  Whether you do or you don't, I have it on esteemed and good authority that the band in question will be reuniting for a concert in this coming Saturday (Oct 11) at the Sunset Tavern in the Emerald City, containing most of the original lineup at that.  A link to tickets is below. 

As mentioned in my previous write-up the band were far from scene luminaries, but their refreshing sonic aesthetic drew from the grittier side of psych rawk with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  Sardonic, not to mention a tad depraved and perverse at moments, the Purdins rarely let irony stand in the way of a memorable song.  Greatest Hits, in fact, contains no hits whatsoever, but in a more perfect world arresting gems like "Dazzling Bag of Paint Chips" and "Jet Plane" would have indeed been smashes.  This out of print compact disk (available in small quantities at the show from what I understand) compiles roughly twenty tunes tracked between the late '80s and 1993.

Believe it or not, a Purdins "docudrama" is in the offing, as are new songs.  Green Monkey Records did a real nice piece on the boys recently which you can check out here.  You can hear a bevy of songs on Reverbnation, and tickets for the Oct 11th reunion gig can be purchased here.

Greatest Hits

Tracy/Flower Drum Song/Mrs. Jones/Jet Plane/Feet Faster Further Down/Psychedelic Day/Carol Said/Tony's New One/Decisions 1/Hans/Genocidal Love/AM-PM Lady/The Sink/It Won't Be Long/Friendly Fuel Man/Greg Brady/One of the Two/Dazzling Bag of Paint Chips/Plane Flying Over My Head/Big/Purdins live at the Hollywood Bowl


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Oxy said...

Wanted to comment on this post, albeit a bit late. Just wanted to say that I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times listening to this and it wasn't over the music. These guys are funny!