Friday, October 3, 2014

Diamond fist Werny - tape (1992)

True, Diamond fist Werny hailed from Seattle during that city's immensely trendy musical peak, but if it's an unheralded grunge/punk also-ran you're hoping for, you'd have more fun taking a long walk off a short Puget Sound pier.  Despite a lack of focus, DfW had something more ambitious in mind on this five-cut demo.  The lead-off "Pollen Path" is a slow, droney build-up to a baroque flavored ambiance, that I'm not very capable of describing in the written word.  Deliberately or not, Axel Mundi's bass clarinet (his full time instrument) occasionally mimics a bass guitar.  Side two (tracks 3-5) skews more towards conventional left-of-the-dial fare, albeit not straight-and-narrow pop.  The lucid and contemplative "There are Diamonds," sounding vaguely like something Galaxie 500 might have conjured up, does the job for me.  Three DfW full lengths would follow this cassette.  In addition to the bio linked above, there's a nice 1993 article on the band archived on the Seattle Times webpage.

 BTW, there are a couple of minor glitches in the first ten seconds of "Pollen Path."  My apologies.

01. Pollen Path
02. Philadelphia
03. Jupiter
04. Picture Your Life
05. There are Diamonds



J. Sterling Ellison said...

Great blog, as always. You didn't happen to have The Liquor Giants - Here, by any chance.

Thanks for you efforts with this site!

spavid said...

I can try to get that up at some point J. Nice request.

David said...

Very interesting and unique-sounding band. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

Synthasia said...

COULD YOU RE-UP THIS? and if ya have other stuff by them post it ? seen these guys live atleast one time maybe 2.

Anonymous said...

reup please this one. Thanks!