Saturday, October 11, 2014

V/A - Sounds Showcase 2 7" ep (1987)

Fidelity-wise, this could be one of the most irritating rips I've shared to date.  Vinyl static, pops, snaps - it's all here, but so are some worthy tunes, by four acts that I really haven't given much attention to on these pages.  Sounds Showcase 2 (one of a three part series) was ostensibly given away as a bonus with an issue of Sounds magazine back in 1987.  The Shop Assistants lead things off with a satisfying cover of the Shangri-las "Train From Kansas City," a good two years before Superchunk made it cool.  I never really got into The Woodentops (though I made a sincere effort awhile back).  "Love Train" is not a retread of the O'Jays, but apparently an original Woodentops composition, recorded live for Westward One.  Mighty Lemon Drops' "Hear Me Call" made the leap to their 1988 World Without End album, but this versions sounds slightly different.  Possibly unmixed or maybe a demo.  I like it.  Though the sleeve of this record states that all tracks were exclusive to Sounds, the Icicle Works "Don't Let it Rain On My Parade" was easily locatable on the CD version of their If You Want to Defeat You Enemy... LP. 

01. Shop Assistants - Train From Kansas City (new version)
02. Woodentops - Love Train (live)
03. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Hear Me Call
04. Icicle Works - Don't Let it Rain On My Parade


Brushback said...

I used to own a couple of these -- this is back when all the UK rags were giving away 7" as part of some circulation war. Usually the fidelity sucked because the 7" were stuck to the front of the mags and got kicked around a bit. Kinda funny to think how cheap it was to get vinyl pressed back then.

spavid said...

Agreed. Sounds had different variations on this series too.

WhatTS said...

Question... The Shop Assistants is marked as 'new version' cause it's different than the one on their own record?