Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matinee Idols - Leaving Limbo ep (1982, DVG)

Seattle's Matinee Idol's strike me as too warm to be branded post-punk, but too straight-faced to lump into the power pop/wave neighborhood, at least not outright.  Possessing a proficient and often crafty acumen, this trio's knack for tuneful, modern rock unfortunately didn't earn them the reverence they deserved.  A reading of The Kinks "Who'll Be the Next in Line" closes out side one, neither improving or detracting from the original.  An online query on the Idols yields a reference to the band Pavlov's Dog, a member of whom performs on Leaving Limbo, if that means anything to you.  For the record (no pun intended), this ep was mastered at K-Disc, in my old hometown of Saugus, California.

01. Video World
02. Touch Sense
03. Who'll Be the Next in Line
04. Perelandra
05. Big Bang
06. You Told Me



Felix said...

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bglobe313 said...

Any advice on how to handle the download link page? I'm pretty sure I saw it on another post, but now I can't find it. All i got was a chance for a "fuckbuddy".

spavid said...

No Facebook for Wilfully Obscure. Not yet anyway.

What in the world are you talking about? Is the netkups link forwarding you to a porn site? Please explain. I've had 74 successful downloads of this so far.

CoverHeaven said...

I already uploaded their version of the Kinks' ''Who'll Be the Next In Line'' on YouTube.

Thank you for the upload!

bglobe313 said...

I'll try the download again tonight. I'm sure the problem was me hitting a wrong "button" on the download page.

lolo said...

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