Monday, July 11, 2011

Spiffy - two singles (1996, Junk; Elastic)

The All/Descendents family shrub has more forks in it than any given cafeteria utensil bin, and one of the most overlooked offshoots is Spiffy, a short-lived quartet that featured the talents of '80s Descendents alumni Tony Lombardo and Ray Cooper who reprised their respective bassist and guitarist rolls in this 1996 endeavor, and yielded the pair of singles this entry concerns.  Run-on sentences are go!  At any rate, Spiffy leaned way more in the direction of All than the 'dents, delivering taught, crunchy punk-pop songs that are sure to ring familiar to die-hards of the aforementioned.   Both singles were produced and engineered by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton.  Need I say much more?  Theirs was a brief discography, but a potent one, with the uber-melodic "Intensive Care Unit" leading the pack as their finest moment.  Mouthpiece Joel Bratton, who also served as singer in All Day, is recently deceased

Secret 7" (Elastic Records)
01. Secret
02. In the Mail
03. Make It

Didn't Know 7" (Junk Records)
04. Didn't Know
05. Intensive Care Unit


Paranoid Futures said...

A Spiffy AND Mega City Four post in one week!
Love the blog!

joseph kyle said...

not related but a promise i'd made you: here's a NEW track, only good for today, from GBV'S The Power of Suck:

spavid said...

Thanks for the heads up J, I needed it.

Will have to check out some of the tunes on your blog, Paranoid. Glad you're enjoying W/O.

bananapants said...

Thanks for the post! I was in Spiffy, but had fallen out of touch with the guys. I am shocked and saddened to hear that Joel has died. He was a great guy and a great bandmate.

spavid said...

The links have been updated.

BB90 said...

PLEASE re up this

Unknown said...

yes, please re-up!