Saturday, July 23, 2011

Honey Wagon - tape (1994)

Shades of Big Drill Car, Green Day, and the Doughboys exude on much of this cassette left behind by a long departed Charleston, SC trio, but those comparisons are truthfully a bit vague.  Vague if only by virtue of the fact that Honey Wagon weren't quite as aggressive or innovative as any the aforementioned.  A little unripened as well, but "Madelaine," "Vitamin H" and "Best Boy" were sufficient enough to make a believer out of me.  Total DIY indie rock with a healthy dollop of punk-pop sauciness for good measure.  A hearty thanks to Gerald for sharing this tape.

01. Vitamin H
02. Honey Wagon
03. Crystal Tears
04. Never
05. Ken Wants My Axe
06. Madelaine
07. Sky
08. Best Boy
09. World Fall Down
10. NeoNatal NeoNazi
11. Brickhead


Paranoid Futures said...

Doughboys? Big Drill Car? Sign me up!

Todd said...

Really enjoying "Ken Wants My Axe."

petesthedrummer said...

haha!! glad you guys dig it! I was the drummer...good times...for anyone who cares, it was recorded live on 4 tracks, in a garage with NO HEAT in the middle of the winter...we were wearing overcoats and fingerless

spavid said...

Thanks for checking in Pete. I'm sure those South Carolina winters are real brutal ; )

Anonymous said...

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Earthdog70 said...

I caught this band at the Music Farm around 1995. Great band-not a lot of these types of bands, then and now in Charleston, SC.

lolo said...

hi there

any chance of re-upping this one?

thank you very much