Friday, July 15, 2011

The Furys - Indoor/Outdoor ep (1986, King Coitus)

Orange County's The Furys may have been inspired to spring into action by the burgeoning, mid/late-70s punk movement that had set New York City ablaze, but you wouldn't quite guess it from this ep.  In fact, I wasn't aware of their existence until I saw the random motif and fetching color scheme adorning the jacket of this disk a few months ago on Ebay.  It turns out that the Fury's had a trio of singles preceding this wax, one of which titled "Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep" earned a coveted spot on the Los Angeles installment of the Rhino Records 1993 DIY compilation series.  Good song that (which you can stream over at Music Ruined My Life blog), but I find this ep more alluring, what with it's armada of ringing chords, warm synths, and mouthpiece Jeffrey Robert Wolfe, who brings no small shortage of personality to the table.  Reminds me a little of The Brains, maybe even a little Donnie Iris at times.  Founding member Michael Compton (who went separate ways with the Furys several years before the recording and release of Indoor/Outdoor) has penned a lengthy diatribe regarding his involvement with the band, chockablock with luscious anecdotes and tales of yore that you simply must consume here.

01. What's Done is Done
02. In My Time
03. Waiting for Surrender
04. The Girl Is Not at Home
05. Once I Had a Feeling


jeffen said...

Nice find.

A link to their (very) active Facebook page is recommend - they really appreciate the work of blogggers.

spavid said...

Thanks for the link.

tom said...

Could you please re-up, never knew about this release and eager to hear it - Thanks