Friday, July 22, 2011

Singles Going Single #179 - Radio Wendy 7" (1993, Standard)

Here's another blast of San Diego rawk, quickly nipping at the heels of the Night Marchers wax I shared a few days ago.  As far as Radio Wendy themselves are concerned I don't quite have the full skinny on them, and minimal web presence doesn't help.  Throughout the mid-90s they dished out about a half dozen singles, a 10" ep and a full length, Tune In Tokyo, and by the sound of this particular 45 they were more than happy to indulge in the offerings of local luminaries Rocket From the Crypt, and the far less venerated Lucy's Fur Coat.  "Friday" is a full-tilt piledriver, splitting the über vigorous difference between Clinton-era punk and grunge, tearing each eardrum within spitting distance a new asshole.  The flip, "Seven Rings of Saturn" (you mean someone bothered to count them?) is a slower and comparatively docile three-chord ballad.  I don't quite recall their other records resembling either of these two extremes, but maybe I wasn't listening closely enough.  Though it's difficult to discern from the scan, the sleeve is a mock of a book of matches.  Neat.

A. Friday
B. Seven Rings of Saturn

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