Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 1/2 Minutes - reuploaded

Both the Peep and Bled Dry eps I shared way back in 2007 have been reinstated.  New links are below and the original posting has been updated.  If you enjoy Ned's Atomic Dustbin and Mega City Four (who I happen to feature above), and the like, you'll want to investigate 3 1/2 Minutes - trust me!

Get them here.

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Suedehead said...

Already added to the OP but here it is again...

I was doing some research for my regular chart review which includes a piece about Blur this week as their Best Of is heading back into the top 40 after the Brits. I was at the infamous Shelter benefit gig in July 1992 but couldn't remember the fourth band (after Blur, Mega City Four and Suede). That band was 3 1/2 Minutes.

See tomorrow evening (Sunday 26 Feb) for the full report!