Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleepasaurus - It's All Written Down and I Still Don't Feel Any Better (1997, Creep/Motherbox)

There must have been something mighty potent in the water coursing through faucets in Valley Stream, Long Island during the '90s to produce such phenomenal acts as post-hardcore stalwarts Garden Variety, and a little later on, the considerably less anguished Sleepasaurus.  A vigorous punk quartet brandishing those oh-so tempting pop sensibilities, Sleepasaurus were the kind of band that actually benefited from raw, low-budget production, setting them apart from the homogenized Epitaph/Fat Records sound that was painfully dominant at the time.  Definitenly more in league with such should've-beens like Man Dingo and Zoinks!  Aside from this record, and several split singles (which I may explore later), I don't know a great deal about Sleepasaurus per se, but the link above will take you to their Myspace page.  It's All Written Down... was reissued in 2007, though I didn't realize that until I went to the trouble of ripping this from vinyl.  I did so specifically, as it contains a bonus cut, "Low," not available on the aluminum or digital version.  In short, I'll be leaving this up for just a few days, so don't wait, but if you enjoy what you hear, please patronize the fellas over at Motherbox Records online store, Interpunk, or elsewhere.

01. For Rent
02. Beautiful Girl
03. Uncool
04. She Already Has a Boy Friend
05. Maybe One Sould
06. It Hurts to Be Happy
07. Little Fonzie
08. 6:08
09. 10 Again
10. Low (vinyl only)
11. Why Bother
12. Shovel & Bucket
13. outro


tony party said...

Here's a fun tid-bit for you. Tommy and Greg (Sleepasauras) hooked up with Anthony Roman (Garden Variety) and made Radio 4. Somewhere I have a demo of the first 4 songs they did and the were a bit more Husker than Gang of. Love the post!

Adam said...

Wow, great stuff. Sounds totally in line with a lot of the Dr. Strange stuff of the mid-to-late 90's. Thanks!

spavid said...

Wow, I had no idea some of the Sleepasaurus roster crossed over into Radio 4. When I saw Radio 4 at CMJ in New York (either 1999 or 2000) all they had released at the time was a single, but they sounded plenty like Gang of Four. Would really love to hear that demo if possible. Thanks.

J-Ro said...
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J-Ro said...

Great band. The singles were usually better than the LP cuts. They were about to play my house once, but the cops shut it down right before they played. Check out my friend Chris' blog for some of these singles.

Unknown said...

any chance to reupload this album back? thanks!

johnnybgoode said...

wow this gives lemonheads hate your friends a run for their money. thanks!

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